good news.

there is something so exciting when someone has good news.

i love good news — not just for myself, but especially when it comes to my loved ones. it’s just little things (that are sometimes a big deal) that remind me how great God is!

a few of my dear friends were selected to be on the 2011-2012 overall committee for the 2012 unc dance marathon! now, if you know me, you know i love dance marathon and i love the people involved with dance marathon, so i am just thrilled (to put it lightly) for my friends carrie and sally and gracie and galen and everyone else who was selected!

my mom won her tennis match today — she’s been having a rough time lately on the courts, so i was really glad to hear that she got a big win today.

the fourth graders at fpg did an “arts in action” production in relation to north carolina history (soooo coooooool!! #nerdalert) with music and dance and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. those kids killed it! talk about arts integration and its benefits in schools!

i also just found out not long ago that i’ll be singing the national anthem at the unc vs. maryland baseball game on may 6! I AM SO PSYCHED!!! it’ll feel good to get back in the ol’ national anthem singing saddle, and hopefully i can do the song justice once again! singing the anthem is one of my favorite things i’ve gotten to do in school; there’s just so much school pride and national pride and joy, it’s stellar.

may i mention in closing that i have to greatest and most supportive friends ever? that isn’t really a kind of news per se, but it’s definitely something good.


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