whoa, is this real life? two posts in ONE DAY?!

yes friends, this is happening. why is it happening you may ask? two reasons:

  1. i am procrastinating on a spanish composition due tomorrow. it’s kinda hard writing about something you haven’t done yet…especially in another language (oops).
  2. i feel as though i’ve gotta make up for the ten days where i wasn’t posting, so here we go.

so tonight i went to yoga, as part of my newly developed workout plan. awesome, right?..that is, the workout plan, not the yoga.

okay so parts of yoga were difficult. example: how am i supposed to take “deep belly breaths” when my knee is shoved up in my stomach? this is a legitimate question. another example: downward dog.

y’all. my arms are not used to being in some of those positions for so long. i know i’ll be feeling it tomorrow, which will be a good thing i suppose, but for real, my wrists need to step it up.

overall, i don’t really think yoga is for me — it’s just so dang slow. i felt like a sloth doing everything and i almost fell asleep during the end part where everyone lies on their backs and “finds their zen” or something like that.

i’ve succumbed to procrastination for long enough!

TEASER ALERT: a little print screen action from stephenmitchellphotography from the shoot last weekend — more pictures to come soon!



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