a heartbeat is a window of opportunity.

there are a lot of things i love about march: spring arriving, school coming to a close, baseball season opening, and most certainly lots of college basketball playing.

every year i fill out a bracket for the ncaa tournament. unfortunately, the loss of ohio state to kentucky tonight ruined my bracket completely, but i am beyond excited that carolina beat marquette (those boys shoulda ‘quette while they were ahead…right!?). go heels, go america!

march madness is kind of bittersweet for me though. despite the fact that i love watching my heels play, it’s hard to not think about a certain friend, peer, and mentor.

four years ago, jason got hit by a car in new jersey when the tarheels were progressing in the tournament. i can still remember my dad calling me to tell me what happened; where i was, what i was doing, who i was with, what i felt. it’s overwhelming. i also still remember all of the stress and tears and emotions that were felt by not only myself, but by my loved ones who knew jason. i was going to apply to unc because of all the wonderful things he had to say about this place.

it took a couple months to realize that God had a bigger plan for jason. i got to meet the man who received jason’s heart, ron griffin — what an amazing experience! in that moment i knew for sure that the plans of God are greater than we could ever in our whole lifetimes imagine!

there’s a song i have on my ipod by jason’s band, 9pm traffic, called “my ordinary” — here’s a video of the band playing it live:

“a heartbeat is a window of opportunity” is one of my favorite lines from that song. kinda fits in with organ donation and jason’s story, don’t you think?

last year in my intro to poetry writing class, i wrote a eulogy for jason. i posted it last year and it’s gone through more revisions than i can count. every year i have to stop and reflect and think about how quick our lives can be. it’s such a reminder that God is in control and that we need to be using every moment we have for Him.

fight the good fight of the faith. take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.
–1 timothy 6:12

sometimes it’s still hard going to sporting events and seeing rameses, but then i have to remind myself that jason’s up in heaven rockin’ out with Jesus, just waiting for me and all of the rest of us to get there.


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