let the list making begin.

i’m a list maker — proud of it, too.

there’s just something about having a list and crossing things off of that list that just makes me feel so incredibly productive and on top of things. how could someone not like that feeling?!

anyway, i started making a couple pretty important lists tonight.

  • packing list for spain
  • list for what i still need to get for spain
  • gift list for who i’m buying goodies for in spain
  • list of what i want to do while i’m in spain
  • reading list for my flights to/from spain

yep, all of my lists have one common theme: SPAIN.

i fly from rdu to o’hare to madrid to sevilla on wednesday (or i guess i should just say TOMORROW to be even more correct) and will then embark on probably some of the best six weeks i may ever have to date in my life. i’ll be flying and living with some wonderful people and i can’t wait to build even stronger relationships with them. i admit to being nervous about using spanish conversationally on a regular basis, but i know the uncomfortable feelings will surely be surpassed once i get the hang of things (one can only hope).
i’m really excited to just see things. i am already a history nerd but i know that stepping into a cathedral that was built thousands of years ago is going to just blow my mind! i want to travel and squeeze all i can out of this trip — that is my number one goal.
i’ll be sure to post pictures and maybe even some video once i get abroad. this once regular north carolinian blog is about to get a huge splash of spanish culture.

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