transatlantic flying.

what a long 24-hours.

i flew from rdu to chicago o’hare to madrid to sevilla. WHEW.

fortunately i was in good company — i flew with monique (my summer in sevilla roomie!), will, and meleah. there is no way i could have survived the last 24 hours without them.

the chicago to madrid flight took about 9 hours, which seemed more like forever i’d have to say. i sat next to an absolutely delightful young lady (i feel so old saying that) from tajikistan! she is doing grad school chemical research at iowa and is going back to visit her family after six years. crazy, right?! she was great when it came to encouraging me throughout the longest flight i’ve ever taken.


what was not encouraging = the girls behind me kicking the seat, talking THE WHOLE PLANE RIDE, and singing britney spears.

i didn’t get much sleep on the plane which made for my day traveling from madrid to sevilla a total struggle. seriously, i was driiiiving the struggle bus earlier before we got to the hotel and i could take a nap (best. decision. ever.).

the hotel where we’re staying for the night is pretty nice — we have a balcony and everything! the view is great too, i’ll be sure to post pictures soon.

i’m getting really anxious and nervous and excited about meeting my spanish host family. i hope they like me! i also hope that the communication barrier won’t be too terribly great. i did a good job buying batteries in madrid today and only speaking spanish, so hopefully that’s a good sign that it won’t be too terrible once i start living with my family.


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