mama isabel.

i met my host mother today — my “senora” — she prefers to be called mama isabel.

monique and i rolled up to her place this morning and were greeted by her, flailing her arms out of her kitchen window yelling down at us, “guapas! mis guapas!” — talk about a warm welcome!

the lunch she made us was probably one of the most delicious things i have ever eaten — it was spanish tortilla and chicken wings (yes, chicken wings..they were so good) with fresh fruit and bread. the sevilla oranges are out of this world.

she is just so great — such a fascinating person (and i’ve only known her for less than 24 hours!). she used to be a flamenco singer, which is just amazingly cool. she loves telenovelas. she is hilarious. she is a killer cook. she gives awesome hugs. she says “vale” all the time. she rocks glam pearls. i love her.

she told me today that if i ever had a problem or needed anything, to let “mama de espana” know. she told monique and i that we have our own moms, but while we’re in spain, she is our mama. totally precious.

we had a little orientation thing today at eusa, which was just painful to sit through after still experiencing jet lag from the 24 hour trip getting here. walking back, monique and i got to explore a little more of sevilla, and on spanish time:

i’m really looking forward to doing some more exploring tomorrow once we’re all rested up. two girls from unc live down the hall who are finishing up their semester here in sevilla, so it’s been really nice having them around for support and to answer any questions we might have (and of course there are so many questions!).

hasta luego, mis lectores!


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