hace calor.

y’all, it is HOT in spain.

i just spent the last couple hours soakin’ up some rays by the river.

[break for mama isabel’s besos while she goes to the cafe]

anyway, yesterday was awfully hot, too — monique and i met up with will at the plaza de espana. it was absolutely positively GORGEOUS, and in all honesty probably one of the most beautiful and awesome things i have ever seen in my whole life.

after checking that out, we hit up el parque de maria luisa right next to the plaza.

also gorgeous. sevilla is just such a gorgeous city all around, really.

last night i got my first taste of the nightlife in sevilla. let me just say that the spaniards know how to go hard in the paint. we left around 11pm or so and met up with a bunch of people at the torre del oro where we got our botellon on down by the river. botellon is just getting wine and drinking with people. there aren’t any open container rules in spain really (at least none that the people abide by). after botellon-ing, we met up with even more people in alameda. alameda is a pretty neat area past the cathedral and el centro that has a lot to do when it comes to nightlife. after hopping around to a couple places, we decided it was time to get churros. oh. my. YES. there is a gem of a churro stand right near the river not far from triana where a few of us live, and it was absolutely fantastic (i definitely plan on going back there multiple times within the next six weeks)! i had a churro chocolate relleno, which means it’s chocolate and filled with creme. ahhh, wassup sevilla fifteen!? actually there’s no way i could possibly gain any weight while i’m here since i am pretty sure we walk about a million miles everyday. anyway, after the delicious churros we headed back to triana — we didn’t get back to our place until around 4.30am!

i’m not sure what we’ll be doing tonight — we might take it easy since our classes start tomorrow. i’m definitely looking forward to that since i feel like it’ll make me want to speak more spanish. i’ve been speaking it on and off a lot lately and i want to start speaking more of it as soon as possible. it’s kind of hard to understand my senora sometimes since she has such a thick andalusian accent, but i think it’ll be good for me (if i can understand her i should be able to understand anyone speaking spanish to me). there’s a bullfight tonight and also a soccer game, but i think we’ll try to hit one of those up next weekend when we have more time to figure out plans (i’m not much of a last minute planner). we’re thinking of maybe taking a weekend trip to barcelona in a couple weeks since we have a long weekend coming up at the end of may — hopefully that works out! i’ve heard awesome things about barcelona and how it’s super artsy, which sounds right up my alley.

sadly it isn’t quite dinner time, so i’m going to have to go find a little snack to tide me over — viva espana, amigos!


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