la catedral y las clases.

so i’ve been kind of a slacker with updating since it’s a lot more difficult to find time doing this between classes, siestas, and homework. luckily i haven’t taken too many pictures since i last updated.

the other day monique and i went to the river to tan with our other roommate nicole. it was neat going out there and seeing so many other people doing the same thing, just hanging out by the river; however, it was super hot! nicole and i had to take a break and sit in the shade, where we soon befriended a lovely old dutch couple. precious.

great view, right?!

anyway, yesterday our group went to the cathedral in the middle of the city — so. awesome. it was so incredibly huge and i felt so insignificantly small and it was just wonderful. sadly, my pictures didn’t turn out so great, but here are a couple of the ones that turned out (sorry they aren’t my best):

i think one of the coolest things that i got to see in the cathedral was the tomb of christopher columbus (in the above photo gallery it is the picture of the statue with four men, who represent different parts of spain, are carrying a boxlike object). HOW COOL IS THAT?! i mean seriously, it’s pretty awesome — remnants of a man who i’ve heard about since elementary school? yeah, awesome.

the other great part about the cathedral is that we climbed up 33 flights to get a view from the torro giraldo — you can see the whole city of sevilla from here!:

i think one of my favorite things about spain is that everything is so colorful. there is just color all over the place — on buildings, on signs, in stores, everywhere! it’s an easy way to brighten up anyone’s day.

last night i had a really hard time falling asleep — not exactly sure why, but i’m thinking i might have just been over tired from all the walking around i did at the cathedral and just walking all over town. it takes monique and i about 30 or 40 minutes to walk to our class(es) — it’s a lovely walk with great scenery but it gets old having to walk so far so often.

speaking of class(es) — yesterday was my first day! i’m taking classes at eusa, which is the tourism school here in sevilla. it’s a nice building and it makes one very thankful for air conditioning! i am taking a spanish literature class from the 1700s to present and also a class called “spain today” which is about spain and it’s current events and whatnot. both of my professors are wonderful and i think i’ll really be able to learn a good deal in both classes, especially with their expertise at hand.

tomorrow should be fairly routine — eating, classes, homework, sleep. sounds like i’m back in the states at chapel hill, doesn’t it?


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