so i realized today that there are some things that i didn’t mention in my last post that i wanted to mention now. here we go!

  1. last night we had one of our four “conferencias” (basically lectures with both the intermediate and advanced groups). my spain today professor, rafa, talked to us about las fiestas de sevilla — it was pretty neat except for the fact that i was super drained. anyway, at the end of his presentation, he opened the floor up for questions and a girl asked if people in sevilla/spain do anything for cinco de mayo…SERIOUSLY?! yes, that was real life.
  2. i’d like to apologize because i have yet to take any pictures of food while i have been here. i will continue to try to remember, but in all honesty i am usually just too dang hungry and inhale everything before it could even stand a chance with a camera flash.
  3. i started to kind of miss the states a bit yesterday, and i’ve only been here a week — ahh! i feel like i didn’t have enough time at home before my trip to just sit down and relax and enjoy the first little bit of summer before traveling to spain for six weeks. i’m loving it here and having a wonderful time and am so grateful for the friends who are here with me — they’ll definitely help get me through.
  4. it is still really hot in spain. fortunately, everyone else has sweat stains, too.
well, i think that’s it for now! just wanted to add those few things for your reading pleasure!

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