pros & cons de sevilla, vol. 1.

well my friends, here are my quick pros and cons of sevilla after my first week here. i’m going to try to do this weekly, which is why this is volume numero uno. ohledoit!


  • attractive men
  • plans for traveling
  • churros con chocolate
  • tinto de verano
  • the cookies mama isabel gives monique and i in secrecy
  • nightlife lasts foreverrrr (fiesta para siempre)
  • siestas (best idea ever)


  • creepy men whistling/catcalling
  • actually solidifying plans for traveling
  • not having peanut butter
  • hot hot hot hot hot hot
  • sweat stains
  • 40-minute walk to class from triana
  • homework (que es?!)
hmm, i think that’ll do it for the time being. hopefully i’ll have even more pros and cons for next week to share. now for a quick story: today at lunch, mama gave us wine with our lunch. you can buy this boxed wine called don simon for less than a euro (i think it’s like ,80 euro if i recall correctly) and honestly it kind of tastes awful, but i guess one might say it’s better than nothing. anyway, while we were sitting at the table mama isabel accidentally spilled my wine all over me. literally, the contents of my class fell in my lap. she freaked out and straight up took care of business with those stains. she pulled me into the kitchen and had me take off my shirt instantly so she could start working on it and was rubbing the stain out of my jeans (glad i didn’t choose to wear my white skirt today). caitlin and nicole have told me that mama is a master with getting out stains, so i’m not too worried that she’s got that on lock.
and now that my mini story and this little update is done, it’s siesta time!

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