itálica, matalascañas y cádiz.

whaaat a weekend! i’ve been all over the place these last couple of days and just have not had the time or the energy to be able to tell you all about it…until now!

so saturday was a long day — the whole summer program, intermediate and advanced groups combined, went to these ancient roman ruins in spain (itálica). this. was. awesome. i’m such a history nerd so i was really into everything that rafa was saying about the houses and the roman emperors and whatnot. a couple of my favorite shots:

those are ORIGINAL tiles, people! these mosaics were amaaazing, and a lot of the houses back in the times of the ancient roman empire had them inside. this specific one was from a house that kept birds. it just blows my mind that none of these tiles were renovated!

this was SO COOL — an amphitheatre where gladiators fought. i was standing where gladiators stood oh so many years ago. seriously, being in places like this just make my imagination go wild. i also have to stop and wonder what it’ll be like thousands of years from now — will the buildings we build still be standing? for some reason part of me thinks not. i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything this astounding and massive that humans have built with technology.

after our ancient roman empire in spain flashback (random fact: two roman emperors were born in itálica! trajan and hadrian), our group hit up the beach. we went to matalascañas, which is known for this huge rock that is just chillin’ in the water. one of my roommates jumped off of it when she went, but the tide was super low and there was no way anyone would jump off that sucker and survive (besides, it’s not like i would jump off of a rock into unknown waters anyway). a couple favorites from the beach trip:

how pretty are my friends?! i mean, seriously? i like that our bright bathing suits pop against the rock. too cool for school.

so that was saturday (fyi, there are tons more pictures on facebook, so go check those out if you haven’t already or if you want to see more!).

sunday (today, err..yesterday since it’s 1.40am on monday morning in spain) was spent in cádiz. we took the train there, which wasn’t too bad — it took us a little less than two hours to get there and the ticket price was decent and well worth it in my opinion. we went with a fairly large group of people and it was pretty cool exploring a city that wasn’t sevilla but was still in spain. once we got off the train, we spent maybe an hour or so just kind of walking around town and checking things out — then we hit the beach. the beach was interesting because when we came upon it the tide was out and there were some boats just sitting on sand where water would normally be — definitely took my off guard but it was still kind of neat to see. will, monique, meleah and i went to explore the other side of this bridge thing and it was probably one of my favorite parts of the day. there were lots of rocks covered in moss and clear blue water and beauty just teeming from every corner of the horizon. a few of my favorites from the day:

umm, can we say paradise?! i know i can.

again, more pictures are on facebook — there is just no way i could post all of them on here (it would take me forever and a day i am sure).

overall i’d have to say this was an incredibly successful weekend. i’m definitely exhausted, but i say it was worth it. i didn’t spend a lot of money, which is a huge pro (another pro/con list to come soon!), and had an absolutely lovely time!

final thought: great trips + great company = great memories.


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