pros & cons de sevilla, vol. 2.

here’s my next list — i know it’s been less than a week, but this is just going to be an in the moment kind of thing. and here we go:


  • sevilla’s bike system (called “sevici” — there are bike stop kind of places all over the city and you swipe a membership card and can ride one of the bikes anywhere you’re wanting to go! then when you’re done all you have to do is put it back at another bike stop. pretty awesome and i like to think it promotes healthy living)
  • rafael cid and coro malaxecheverria
  • fresh fruit available all the time
  • coca-cola (it’s better here, seriously)
  • fresh towels/bed linens/clean clothes
  • having plans to go to lagos, portugal and barcelona!
  • literature class being canceled on wednesday


  • there is horse excrement everywhere lately — ewww
  • i still have homework — c’mon rafa and coro!
  • getting stuck in a torrential downpour when you live 40 minutes from school
  • high heels on cobblestone (bad combination)
  • everyone smokes — why is that perceived as attractive?
  • the stress involved in making travel plans actually happen
  • literature being extended an extra 15 minutes everyday since we aren’t meeting wednesday
i can’t believe i’ve been here nearly two weeks already! the days are definitely going by quickly, i can feel it. i’m trying my hardest to make the most of the time that i have while i’m here in spain — everything from planning trips to barcelona to looking into seeing a musical production at a historical theatre here in town. i’m soaking up every moment and taking pictures along the way! here’s one to whet your palate until i get some new pictures taken!

2 thoughts on “pros & cons de sevilla, vol. 2.

  1. WOW – I cant’ believe how much LIFE you sucked up on 7 weeks… schooling and walting and walking and field trips and walking and beaching and walking and dancing and walking and more school and walking.. FLEW by – just BE STILL and know that God is with you —- ENJOY your last days/hours/minutes as you unwind and reflect.. I pray you kept a good journal; you needed to keep notes every day… so you wouldnt forget anything.
    this WILL be an experience you will never forget… i still remember my bull fight & your photos brought back a lot of good memories. & our walking in the market & eating at some of the resturaunts/cafe — LOVE that God made all this happen for you. I am VERY excited for you. Look forward to seeing you soon. XO BIG HUG “take your breath away” HUG

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