travel itinerary.

so i figured since i have dear loved ones reading this that i should actually let everyone know what i’m going to be up to these next few weekends so you can try to keep up!

this weekend: lagos, portugal

next weekend: cordoba y granada, spain

10-12 june: barcelona, spain

17-19 june: sevilla, spain (maybe a day trip to madrid? tba)

24-26 june: sevilla, spain

27 june: back to the states

i can’t believe i’ve been here two weeks. i know i said that in one of my more recent posts, but it’s so true — i was just talking to my dad and realized i have four and a half weeks left in spain! oh how the time flies. i’m really looking forward to getting all this traveling in, but it is so much more expensive and frustrating than i’d like. everything is definitely in order for lagos — i got my bus ticket today and we booked the hostel last night so we’re in the clear. however, the barcelona hostel situation is a little more complicated. i fly out from sevilla early friday morning to go to barcelona with will and monique; we have a lot of other friends leaving thursday afternoon/evening but we weren’t able to get tickets (and we have class in the evening) for those flights. the trouble is that we’re having a bit of difficulty finding a hostel where 3 of us can get a room together (most of what we’ve seen has rooms for 2, 4, 8, etc. people — mostly even numbers, although i know it must be possible to find something for 3 people since there are plenty of cases when people aren’t traveling in packs of even numbers). i have faith that we’ll work something out, but until we do it’ll definitely be on my mind.

i’m also really excited about buying things for my family! i’ve been taking lots of pictures (kind of obvious with my visual aid posts) and can’t wait to tell them stories, but i want to be able to give them something from this place that i love so much. i’ve got some good ideas in my head for some people, so get pumped mom, dad, and aj!

i don’t have class until 17,30 tomorrow — craaazy! i don’t want to waste my day but i do plan on getting a good night’s sleep so that i can maybe get up and do a little triana exploring before it gets too hot (today was a scorcher and tomorrow’s supposed to be 90degreesF…wowza). i also have homework to do which is such a bummer (disclaimer: i know i’m studying abroad). after lunch the plan is to make my 40 minute trek to the school so i can get to finishing some papers and work on my presentation that i have for the end of the week!

now, about that good night’s sleep…


2 thoughts on “travel itinerary.

  1. Have a great time. We visited Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Madrid recently – loved them all except Madrid. Go to the Alcazar in Seville, the Mezquita in Cordoba and of course Alhambra in Granada. I have pictures on my blog if you want a sneak peak.

    • ahh, excellent! what made you not like Madrid? I’m going to the Alcazar tomorrow actually, so I’m really looking forward to that, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to the places you mentioned in Cordoba and Granada! I’ll be sure to check out your blog for a sneak peek before I go!

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