i. love. this. song.

anyway, while i listen to that on repeat i’ve been thinking about what all i’ll need to take with me to lagos, portugal! i’m definitely looking forward to spending the weekend away, but i’m not too thrilled about leaving at 7.30am and spending five hours on a bus to get there. oh well, i know it’ll be worth it (look it up for pictures — i know i can’t wait to get into photographer mode when i get there!).

so i’ve been doing some thinking while i’ve been here — spanish people are my people. why, you ask? they love shoes, strong coffee, and ice cream.

i love shoes, strong coffee, and ice cream.

sidenote: monique and i went shopping today for a bit (still haven’t made any purchases…yet) and snagged some ice cream on the way back after passing numerous coffee shops and shoe stores (this helped me come to the above conclusion).

and now for a quick list! this is going to be kind of like my recent pros and cons list, but a little different.

why i could never stay in spain: ALL THE CIGARETTE SMOKE. between my asthma and allergies, i haven’t been feeling 100% the last day or two. i woke up with a sore throat today and was just off all day, which i hate. i’m hoping i don’t get sick sick, especially with all the trips coming up these next few weekends (see my travel itinerary post). like i’ve previously said, everyone and their mom smokes in spain it seems like (a european trend) which just absolutely kills me. we had some issues in the house the other day about mama’s son barto smoking in the house (yeah, a 43-year-old man lives with us…it’s kind of awkward but we deal) — hopefully we resolved everything, but we’ll see how that turns out next week after we get back from our little vacation.

why i could stay in spain: enrique iglesias. enough said (just gotta find him first though).


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