the portuGUAY post.

first of all, “portuguay” is NOT spanish for “portugal” — it’s simply a play on words that my friends and i conjured up for our weekend that was spent in lagos!

secondly, a thousand apologies for failing at updating you this past WEEK! we got back from lagos monday afternoon and i was exhausted and not really feeling the greatest and then the last few days i have had way too much homework for a summer study abroad program and i had been sick to my stomach (until tonight when i ate roomie farewell dinner with nicole, caitlin, and monique). fortunately/unfortunately, i think i was just dehydrated and needed to get fluids in me, but yesterday i was miserable with stomach pains.

now that the homework has been turned in, my thirst has been quenched, and mumford & sons is playing on my itunes, i can update you on my life!

so this past weekend was our lagos, portugal trip! what. a. blast. definitely a good life decision and not too bad on the wallet, either, which is always good.

we took a bus to get to lagos and the ride there wasn’t too terrible; it was kind of just like going to the beach with the family in the car. the ride was about 5 hours (we lost an hour on the way there which was kind of nice, but it was not fun coming back and gaining an hour..made the ride back way too long). the hostel where we stayed was called jj’s yard and was amazing. the couple who run the place are really relaxed and so helpful and just absolutely wonderful (and for 10 euro a night how can that get any better?!), so i definitely recommend staying with them if you’re ever in lagos, portugal.

since we got to lagos on saturday afternoon, we decided to just kind of explore the city! i am such a sucker for exploration adventures, so i had a great time just wandering around the city for a few hours.

the nightlife in lagos was okay; i prefer sevilla nightlife to lagos, mainly because there are no laws in portugal about smoking in bars/clubs. we were in one of the bars called inside out and i had to go outside due to the excessive amounts of cigarette smoke (so gross).

so sunday was more or less beach day, which was so cool! that beach is definitely the most gorgeous place i have ever been — just take a look at the evidence.

totally gorgeous, right?! i mean in all seriousness, i felt like i was in a postcard. lagos is a true paradise, that is definitely for sure. i also had the best pasta i have ever consumed in my life in lagos at a place called nahnahbah, which is one of the fifty best burger places in the world (yeah, i got pasta at a burger place..hate all you want, but it was scrumptious and i would get it again if i were to ever go back).

synopsis: lagos was the bomb and i would totally go back. specifically i’d go back and stay at jj’s yard (yeah, the experience was that great).

this upcoming weekend is a unc group weekend trip to cordoba and granada. i’m really looking forward to granada because it’s supposed to be the most muslim-inspired city in spain (i think it was the last moorish city to fall? something like that, i’m sure i’ll learn about it this weekend) and it’s supposed to have fantastic teas.

i know i mention this in almost every post, but how does the time go by so quickly?! i have three weeks left in spain. three. weeks. wait, what?!

well, it is now time to watch harry potter with two of my roommates — caitlin heads stateside in the morning, so we’re catching some last minute bonding before she goes.

hopefully it won’t take me another week to update you all on my life in spain; in the meantime, here’s a picture of my roomie monique and i just chillin’ on the beach in lagos! my mind is still blown at how blue and clear the water is!


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