a pre-weekend post.

so before i go out of town this weekend, i thought i’d give a really quick update:

first of all, everything is booked and ready for my barcelona weekend! i booked the hostel today and got my flight arranged a week or two ago, but now that everything is in order i can definitely relax a little more (especially since i know i have somewhere to sleep while i’m there).

monique and i went shopping around today in some ceramics stores which was so cool — everything we found was handmade in sevilla! it was kind of overwhelming to see all that each store had to offer, but we’re definitely going back at some point for round two shopping, purchases included.

one of my friends came to sevilla today since she’s studying in madrid for the summer! a few of us got dinner at a tex-mex place near triana and then grabbed some churros con chocolate, as pictured below:

y’all, these things are made FRESH whenever you order them. so. delicious. despite their tasty nature, i probably won’t be able to eat another one of these suckers until i leave because they are just so rich.

now that it’s starting to get a bit late, i think i might try to watch a little bit of a movie and fall asleep since tomorrow will probably be a long day with our trip to cordoba and all. i know for sure that we’ll be hitting up a cathedral, so get pumped for some more exciting pictures after this weekend is up! until then, here’s the triana night skyline at the river:


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