pros & cons de sevilla, vol. 3.

well i think it’s time for another one of these posts.


  • beer/seafood/artisan craft festival in the park on the walk to school
  • cheeseburger flavored potato chips
  • cafe con leche for one euro at eusa
  • hybrid fruits
  • temperatures not in the 90s


  • presentations for rafa’s class are still happening
  • clean laundry that doesn’t smell clean
  • white bread
  • sweating
  • cannons going off in the near distance early in the morning
now, with less than three weeks left in spain, i figure it’s okay to talk about things i miss from america (friends and family not included because that is an obvious given): baseball, anderson cooper 360, sweet tea, driving, mounted shower heads, church, my guitar, free public transportation, peanut butter, sleeping with covers on, cookie dough, big breakfasts, and no smoking laws.
now, i will have you know just because that list is a tad bit lengthy does not mean i’m not loving spain still. i’m having a lot of mixed feelings as of late about my time here coming to a close so quickly. i’m pretty sure if i would have had more time at home before leaving for spain my feelings would be a little different, but i’m working with what i have at this point — i know it’ll be good to get back to the states, but i know that there are going to be things i miss from sevilla. a post about that to come in a couple weeks closer to my flight back.

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