single digits.

my last day in sevilla is in one week — how is that possible?!

i feel like i haven’t been here as long as i have. it’s kind of a surreal feeling knowing that i have to leave so soon.

like i said in a previous post, monique and i made a bucket list of things to do before we leave sevilla. check it:

we’ve actually crossed off a lot more since i took the picture..the only things we’ll have left after today are staying out until sunrise and eating churros for breakfast (that’s our big plan for wednesday night after we finish our exams — should be pretty epic)! we went to mass at the cathedral today (in the capilla real) and it was really neat being in such an awe-inspiring place hearing the word of God. after mass, we purchased our tickets for the bullfight! i’m really looking forward to it — dad told me that i absolutely positively had to go see one, so i find it appropriate that i’m going on father’s day.

speaking of father’s day, this is the first one i haven’t spent with my dad — strange. at least he’ll be picking me up from the airport in a week and we’ll get some quality time together while mom’s with aj in florida for his wrestling tournament.

yesterday i went on a little day trip with a few of my friends to this breathtaking place called ronda. if you haven’t heard of it, you should look into it because it is absolutely beautiful.

ronda is actually where bullfighting originated and we got to see the first plaza de toros! the town is really small and so walking everywhere wasn’t a problem at all (we pretty much saw everything within five hours).

so the coolest thing about ronda is this bridge/gorge thing.


it’s in the mountains and there are cliffs and whatnot and so we more or less hiked down into this huge gorge and this is what we saw on our way down and when we got to the bottom (warning: it’s REALLY cool — this gorge is GORGEOUS):

and now, the icing on top of the cake if you will (insert drum roll here):

this view made the trek down and the near asthma attack back up worth every second.

i think one of the coolest things that i’ve done since i’ve been abroad is travel. i’ve been to places that people put on post cards! that’s just so cool to me. i look back at all of the places i’ve seen these last few weeks and my mind is just absolutely baffled with how fortunate i am to have this opportunity.

anyway, so all in all that was pretty much ronda! we grabbed a little snackage at this cafeteria that had an amaaazing view of the bridge:

i’m a huge fan of day trips. they’re cheap, they’re fun, and it gives you a good excuse to get out of the piso and do something! after we got back from ronda we hit up the international beer festival in the prado, which was pretty neat. i had a raspberry flavored beer imported from belgium and it was rather tasty.

the plan for today: homework until the bullfight, bullfight, father’s day skype with dad post-bullfight, more homework. oh the life of a study abroad student!

next up for my posts is definitely going to be a list of things that i’ve noticed about spaniards (i.e. they love fountains and traffic circles) and my final thoughts on leaving this place.

hopefully after i get started with my homework and get on my productivity grind, i’ll feel like this:


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