un fin de semana.

this is pretty much the home stretch, friends — i only have this weekend left in sevilla.

there are just so many emotions (i know, there always are). today was a big day of rest and relaxation since classes are now finished. there was a corpus christi procession this morning at the cathedral that i didn’t make it to, but i saw a little procession thing going on later in the day when i met up with some friends for some spontaneous exploring.

our adventures took us down near the cathedral, past sierpes and onward to plaza mayor.

a group of us actually went up to the top of the waffle-like structure (the name of said structure is unknown) — the view was awesome! i love going to places where you can get such an amazing view of a place; it just really puts things into perspective for me.

sweet view, right?! so crazy looking out on a city that you’ve called home for 7 weeks knowing that you have to leave it so soon.

i was telling a friend of mine today that there were certain things i missed from the states but there are things that i don’t want to leave here. first of all, i am dying for some sweet tea. a nice, tall glass of sweet tea would be SO perfect in my life right now. secondly, i’d kill for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. or just for peanut butter in general.

i know i complain a lot about all the walking that i have to do when i’m here, but it’s actually pretty nice being able to walk to whatever destination. today was great because all we did was walk around and explore and we were able to find an adventure so easily — i’m really going to miss that when i have to go back to concord. i’ll miss my walks by the river but i’ll be glad to drive my car. i’ve also learned how thankful i am for air conditioning.

at first i was kind of wishing my flight would have been a day or two earlier like everyone else’s, but now i’m grateful for the little bit of extra time i have here. i don’t feel rushed to pack and get things together and i definitely plan on making the most of my last few days in sevilla.

random update: bull fighting

so monique and i hit up a bull fight last week. i wasn’t sure if i was going to like it but i knew i HAD to go because it’s just such a cultural experience (and when else will i be able to see something like a bull fight in my lifetime?!) and dad told me that i literally had to go to one while i was here since i’m spending “his euros” (which is completely true).

the bull fight was pretty dang cool to be honest. it wasn’t as gore-filled as one would initially think and it was really such a spectacle of spanish culture. i’m most definitely glad that i went and got to have a completely spanish cultural experience!


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