come back when you can.

well, i’m back in the states.

there are a lot of emotions about being back stateside. let me first say that i am thrilled to spend time in an air conditioned house and take a shower with a mounted shower head and to eat foods with lots of variety (as monique calls the united states, the pais of food from other paises). despite these wondrous american luxuries, there are so many things i miss about sevilla.

i made this mix on itunes (yeah, i still make playlists and mix cds for my friends — you know you want one) with all of the songs that make me think of spain. this includes mostly songs that were heard at the discotecas, as well as songs that just meant something to me and a few of my friends while we were on the trip. the last couple days i’ve been blasting those jams from the explorer and it just really makes me miss the place.

i hate that i can’t just walk around and adventure like i could in spain. i mean just one different turn in sevilla led you to a place with beautiful old buildings and a fun place to take pictures. one different turn in concord will take you to the high school secretary’s house.

looking back at all of my pictures and videos (yes, there are videos — i have some footage of a bridge jump that i’ll be working on this next week, get pumped!) is just so bittersweet. the other day i ran into an old friend at target and she was asking me about my spanish adventures and i seriously got teary eyed telling her everything (not that i got even close to telling her everything, but you get the picture). i guess i just didn’t realize how much of myself i left there during those seven weeks.

fortunately, i plan on returning to spain at some point. i mean, i have to go back in 2026 when la sagrada familia is finished in barcelona (duh). how could i miss that?! speaking of barcelona, this song has been on repeat:



spain, i promise to come back when i can.


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