thoughts & opinions on today’s education system.

so i’ve been on this education kick lately.

i mean i guess it really isn’t something that’s all that new since i’m always thinking about education and writing down ideas in my lesson plan journal whenever i can and constantly wanting to talk about education every free moment i have in conversation, but i’ve been on this kick lately where i’m really thinking about how the united states does education and why we do it the way we do.

in another ted talk with ken robinson he talks about how the same academic values are held high in every country — math and languages are seen as most important, followed by other humanities, and the arts are always last.

why are the arts always last?

when i started my degree as an elementary education major, my specified focus was the arts. i was really excited about this because i was going to be able to do education and also still take classes where my passion lies. after a couple meetings with my academic advisor, she talked me into switching my focus from the arts to spanish language since i was working toward a minor in hispanic studies (courses overlapped from the minor to the spanish language focus). i ended up making the big switch at the end of my sophomore year since arts programs are always the first to get cut from schools and i certainly wouldn’t want to be cut from a school — besides, spanish will make me look pretty darn good and i’ll be more marketable that way.

yes, i will probably be more marketable, but i still secretly wish i would have stuck with my arts focus.

i like spanish and i definitely have a heart for hispanic kids and english language learners in general, but i miss my drama classes that i got to take before all i could take was spanish.

don’t get me wrong, there will be arts integration strongly present in my classroom. there’s no doubt about that, friends. i guess i just can’t help but wonder why no one cares about the arts in schools.

here in north carolina we have this thing called governor’s school — i’m pretty sure there are other states that have similar programs. anyway, north carolina governor’s school has run out of its funding for the next year due to the immense budget cuts the state has faced in the department of education. i did not go to governor’s school when i was in high school, but i have friends who did and they only have the greatest things to say about it. governor’s school (from what i know about it) was a place where students could follow their passions and take classes to strengthen their knowledge of subjects that interest them. shouldn’t our education system be like that all the time?

i am a firm believer that integrating arts and keeping it in schools makes learning more fun. how much easier is it to remember historical facts through song? exhibit a:

we watched that video in my ap us history class when i was a senior in high school and let me tell you something, i can still name all the presidents in order because of those rhymes.

exhibit b:

how awesome are these fourth graders?! this past spring semester i did my practicum at frank porter graham elementary school in chapel hill, north carolina. every year the fourth graders participate in a program called “arts in action” — a coreographer comes in and teaches the kids dances that fall in line with their grade level curriculum (the video posted is about science, but the kids this past semester did their dances to north carolina history — it was SO cool!). not only are these kids learning information, but they’re also getting up and moving.

creativity is so crucial when it comes to learning, as well as teaching. as a teacher, i know i’m going to have to adapt my teaching style to each child in my classroom so that i can reach every individual student in the most effective way possible. not all kids can just sit there and read a textbook and get information from that — sometimes you have to get those kids up acting out what they’ve read. not all kids are going to understand fractions the first time we go over them, but maybe working with music can help them figure out their fractions. there are so many ways teachers can reach their students — they just have to put forth a little extra creative effort sometimes.

also along the lines of creativity, i don’t think we should hinder children from their creative natures. i think that mistakes are necessary to the learning process, but how can we say we’re okay with making mistakes when we penalize students for making them? education should be about learning, not about getting kids ready for college or to become professionals (because let’s be honest, college isn’t for every single student out there, and that’s okay). letting kids figure things out for themselves through exploration is such a beautiful thing that i truly hope will be encouraged as time goes on.

honestly, part of the reason i want to be a teacher is so that i can promote creativity within my students. i want them to enjoy their classroom setting and feel comfortable enough to be as creative as possible when there. i don’t want my kids to get tired of learning — learning shouldn’t be a creativity-sucker. as long as i’m in a classroom (carrboro elementary had better watch out this year!), learning will be a creativity-enhancer.


4 thoughts on “thoughts & opinions on today’s education system.

  1. The county in which I teach in Florida 87 teachers have been laid off. All of those teachers were in social studies or the arts. I completely agree with you! I am a history teacher and my subject will now be treated as an elective next year so that schools in my county can save money. This means hey can put much more students in my classes if my class is considered an elective. This country puts very little value in education and its educators for that matter which is so entirely strange to me. In most countries teachers a revered like doctors.

    • I think social studies/history is SO important and it is just wrong that the nation doesn’t put more of an emphasis on that, too. Social studies is being written out of the North Carolina state curriculum and it’s just absolutely infuriating. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to make a difference somewhere!

  2. Aww your passion brings tears to my eyes. 🙂 So proud! I live like 4 blocks or less from the department of education in DC. I wouldn’t mind seeing you take over.

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