the eyes of a five-year-old.

tuesday, 12 july, 2011 was a good day.

there were plenty of reasons that it was a good day — i mean, i got 2nd place in trivia at buffalo wild wings, spent some quality time with an old friend, ate ice cream, went to the library, etc. really, the day was a total success.

the one thing that pushed it over the edge and into greatness was a conversation i had with my friend eli.

eli is five-years-old and will be six in a few days. he loves cars (both the disney/pixar movies and just cars in general) and has become quite the little chatterbox since the last time i saw him. i’ve babysat him numerous times and his parents are friends of mine who are also in the education profession.

i was sitting in the living room with eli and he was telling me about school. he starts kindergarten this year and friends, let me tell you — this child is excited about school. he told me all about his new gray backpack with soccer stuff on it and his matching lunchbox and water bottle. i asked him what he was most excited about for when he starts school.

“i’ll get to stay there all day!”

he’s excited about staying at school all day. he’s excited about learning. he’s excited about making new friends. he’s excited about this new experience.

honestly, i wish everyone felt like that when it came to school. if you could have seen the way his blue eyes just lit up when he was telling me all about school starting and his teacher and his school supplies!

that’s why i want to teach elementary school — they’re excited. they want to learn. they want to be in your classroom. they are little sponges just soaking up everything. i think it’s so important for teachers to really harness that excitement and, well, do something with it! get creative with your lessons and have fun — play up the strengths of your students and encourage progressive thinking.

there is so much to learn from kids. their wonderment just absolutely astounds me.

i really do think we learn some of the most important things when we’re young. the ideas are elementary but in no way are they basic. what we’re taught at a young age is foundational and we continue to build on that as long as we continue to grow and change as people.

it makes me so happy that eli is so excited for kindergarten. i told him i was in kindergarten in the spring and he got even more excited (i bet you didn’t think that’d be possible at this point) to tell me more about his soon-t0-be kindergarten experience.

i suppose my request is to muster up some excitement for your own school year coming up (that is, if you’re still in school…if not, muster some up for those who are!) — you might be surprised how much of a difference that in itself can make.


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