get ready, ’cause here i come.

finally friends, the time has come to move back to chapel hill.

it really just dawned on me today that this is the last time i’ll be moving back to school. how in the world has that happened already?! fortunately i think i’m more prepared this year than i have been the last three years (with maybe the exception of freshman year oh so long ago) — yes, i realize i’m still awake at 2.19am and counting, but it’s still been a productive day considering i went through 90% of the stuff i brought home from chapel hill in may and re-packed/re-organized for my trip tomorrow (it’s always the laundry that takes up the most time i swear).

i’m really looking forward to getting back to campus — that isn’t exactly something new, now is it?

i made the mistake of telling my mom last week that back to school was my favorite time of year. in my defense, it’s definitely in my top three. however, i don’t think my mother agrees that back to school should be my favorite time of year (she doesn’t think the first day of school is a holiday — for shame). don’t get me wrong, i like christmas and thanksgiving and all the other holidays out there (except for april fools’ day — that day is wasted calendar space in my planner), but there is just this rush of excitement i get during back to school time. this pretty much sums it up:

anyway, now that i’ve taken advantage of tax free weekend (totally got some sweet teacher supplies to keep me organized), it’s only a matter of time before the teacher workdays start and then school starts and then i swear before i know it i’ll be full-time student teaching. ahh!

fortunately, this is the ideal motivation i needed to get to writing my junior year debrief. i’m over a thousand words in and am still only in august of 2010 — this might end up being a long debrief.

i’m currently trying to stay awake to finish the last of the laundry i have — i should really try to read some more hp4 since i’ve been totally slacking lately (disappointing, i know). although maybe reading harry potter isn’t a good idea because then i would just wish that i had magical powers to do all my packing for me…


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