i’m having some trouble focusing.

it seems like the only things i want to do right now are play music and/or travel. that’s it. no, i don’t want to do school work or sit at the desk or do my dishes, i want to play music and/or travel.

if only my wish could be granted!

i didn’t have this problem last week — last week i was ultra-productive and was done with all of my school work by wednesday. yeah, wednesday. i don’t really know how i was able to swing that, but i did it and it was awesome and i didn’t really do much other work until today.


maybe i was too productive last week and am out of productivity juice. it feels good to be productive and i really truly enjoy that feeling, but then again the feeling of playing music and traveling is pretty stellar, too. hard to beat playing guitar on a  honduran mountaintop, you know?

i also keep find my mind wandering, and i guess that’s what this blog is for — the mindful meanderings of allison wonderland. i daydream about being a rockstar (yes, i really do) and google europe and facebook stalk my friends abroad.

somehow i was fortunate enough today to get some work done. i’m hoping that now that that’s under my belt i’ll be able to pick it up even more starting tomorrow once i get back into my class routine. i’m making plans to study with people and i’m giving myself deadlines (hopefully i’ll be able to adhere to those…) so that i can really take advantage of this week and prepare myself for some teaching at frank porter graham elementary the week after next.

so far, i’ve already started making a list, which, in my mind, makes me one step closer to being successful in all that is productive.


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