how many hours in a day?

honestly, sometimes i wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. this year more than any other year of my schooling has made me wish such things.

i’m teaching and i’m taking classes and i’m working and i’m dance marathoning and i’m doing all these other things aside from just being a student. i know this is true of every college student, and i think i can speak on behalf of most of us when i say that it can really catch up to you.

there have been a couple of times this year when i’ve caught myself wanting to do things i know i shouldn’t even try to do.

example: the opportunity came up very early in the semester for me to potentially interview for the overall committee for unc dance marathon. now, i have always wanted to be part of the overall committee since i’ve dedicated my whole college career to the organization, but after a lot of prayerful consideration and conversations with those who know me best, i realized that it would have been absolutely foolish of me to try and be on the overall committee. the time commitment is huge!

another example: i wanted to run for homecoming queen. so i didn’t find out about the homecoming king/queen information sessions until way late, so i couldn’t get a jump start on my application (which was actually pretty intense — two letters of recommendation from within the chapel hill community, an official sealed transcript, a non-refundable $25 application fee — i told you it was pretty intense). despite the fact that i wanted to win so that hispanic families could be benefited through literacy in the chapel hill-carrboro community, i knew that it was just not feasible for me to be in the pit daily campaigning and trying to make cool pictures with graphics to send to all of my friends so they could change their facebook profile pictures in an attempt to publicize my homecoming campaign. i just didn’t (and still don’t) have time for that.

through these seemingly missed opportunities, i’ve realized something: there is nothing that i would ever want to do to compromise my ability to teach my fourth graders at carrboro elementary. spreading myself thin isn’t just a disservice to myself, but more importantly it is a disservice to my students, and they are the last people i ever want to let down. they deserve my best and i deserve theirs, and i can’t expect them to give me 100% if i’m not giving 100%, too.

i’m choosing to look at these passed up opportunities not as missed, but rather as affirmation that i’ve truly found something that i’m wildly passionate about and care more about than anything else that this world could offer.

24 hours in a day? totally do-able.


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