okay, so it’s verging on embarrassing since i haven’t written in so long. i hate that! there were so many moments this past month where i wish i could have just gotten to sit down and write everything i was thinking, but alas, those moments were very few and far between (obviously). now, here i am lounging on my futon with beauty and the beast on and my bible open and i couldn’t be more relaxed!

so basically october has been fairly stressful yet rather pleasant. let me explain:

  • stressful: unit plans. school of education assignments. planning unc dance marathon elementary school outreach events. meetings.
  • pleasant: fall break. lesson plans. teaching. 4th grade. summit. friends. adventures. cooler weather. pinterest.

okay, so maybe pinterest belongs in the stressful list as well since i’ve spent so much time on it just procrastinating…dilemma!

anyway, october has also brought some realizations. a few weeks ago i went to talk to my literacy professor from last year and we were talking about my student teaching placement (which is out of this world amazing) and i shared with her that i came to this grand epiphany about teaching. are you ready for this? here. we. go. my epiphany:

teaching. is. hard.

yeah so that sounds kind of silly to some and i’m sure it sounds very obvious to those who have been teaching for a long time, but that thought really hit me hard after i was working on a word work lesson for my fifth graders. i was sitting in the lobby cutting out letters i had made for the lesson and i realized that that’s the stuff people always see me doing; people see me cutting things out, making pretty letters, writing out worksheets, putting together fun activities for my kids. yes i do all those things, but i do so much more with those things than people see.

it’s hard teaching kids how to read. it’s hard teaching a fourth grader about place value when she has no concept of number sense. it’s hard teaching reading to a fifth grader who is on a third grade reading level. teaching is just…hard.

my professor kind of laughed when i was telling her all of this and she affirmed that she wasn’t laughing at me but rather laughing because she knows exactly what i was talking about. i don’t know how i missed such a huge concept before! teaching is hard but i love it and i wouldn’t want to do anything else with my life right now. that in itself excites me and i’m looking for ways to challenge myself with teaching and education everyday.

another great thing about october that has rocked? this wonderful thing invented by some brilliant person called FALL BREAK.

i stayed in chapel hill for fall break and had probably one of the best times in all my years at carolina. i took my kids on a field trip to the state fair AND went to the state fair with some friends on staff. it was my first time to the state fair, which just seems absurd since apparently i am “so north carolina” (says sean). the state fair was so incredibly amazing and i did indeed feel very “north carolina” which was wonderful. i mean, how could i not?! observe:

also, just so you know, that corn was DELICIOUS. the guy who sold me that corn? NOT delicious.

after i went to the fair with my connor fam, we came back and drank hot apple cider and played apples to apples. it was a roaring good time, as noted below:

i spent the rest of break pretty much watching mad men and cooking, which was so nice. i really had an amazing break and couldn’t have been happier with my decision to stay in chapel hill! i mean let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to eat s’mores turnovers while watching jon hamm in a suit for hours upon end?

this past week was pretty neat, too — i went to the museum of life and science in durham, nc for my science methods class and it was SUCH A COOL PLACE. no joke, there were lemurs. and i watched a butterfly release. and it was just the best day ever since i got breakfast at parker and otis with monique before going to the museum.

monique and i also road tripped to greensboro for a math teaching conference on thursday. that was…interesting. i had really high hopes for the conference and was kind of disappointed since i was expecting to hear about more practical ways to implement math in the classroom. regardless of this, it was fun spending time with mo and our other #educloves AND my dad met us for lunch. talk about a good day!

i literally can’t believe that october is over already. this semester has absolutely positively flown by! there are plenty of things i’m looking forward to that are still yet to come this semester and this year in general, but right now i think i’m okay with sticking to being pleased with the present.


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