ending an era.

it’s december 9 and at this point in time i should be working on finishing my science and math unit plans, but here i am sitting at work needing to release some thoughts about my life.

this past tuesday was the last day i will ever have undergraduate classes. ever. it was a surreal feeling, but i have to admit that my emotions were muddled by the free coffee and bagels provided by my professor and the cool lego robotics antics in which my class was taking part. the following day was my last day in my classroom placement for the semester at carrboro elementary, and the kids were kind of freaking out when my cooperating teacher told them that it was my last day until after winter break.

next semester, i’ll be full time student teaching. this entails me getting up at 6am every morning, spending a full day in 4th/5th grade dual language, and then staying after school until things are ready for the next day.

basically, i’m jumping into real life.

as excited as i am, i’m also feeling terrified. i don’t really know if i know enough about magnetism and fractions to be teaching these kids. am i really ready to have the responsibility of teaching 75 kids what they need to know to be successful on their end of grade tests and in their futures?!

it’s really strange realizing all of this — i won’t be on campus next semester, i’ll need to be in bed by like 10pm every night, and i won’t be able to just go grab coffee or lunch with people whenever i want. i can’t skip classes (not that i really did that in the first place, but it’s the principle of the matter) and sick days are non-existent in this program. i’m essentially feeling as though i’m not even a college student anymore.

not to be super nostalgic, but in all seriousness, where did the time go?! everyone i know [not including the lovely ladies in my education cohort] is studying for exams, and i’m sitting here writing unit plans and trying to figure out how i’m going to teach children next semester.

needless to say, i’m definitely hoping and praying that i’ll be able to survive next semester’s early mornings and early bedtimes so that i can give the best of my best to my students!


epilogue: next post will be more upbeat and peppy. yay!


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