eve carson.

the spring of my senior year of high school was the same time that unc’s student body president, eve carson, was shot to death in chapel hill. i will never forget hearing about it on the news and my mom being terrified to let me leave since there were so many similarities that my mom saw in eve and myself.

since i started at unc, there have been memorial services and things of the like every year, the eve carson scholarship was created, and we celebrate eve and her legacy for a week in march every year called “every moment counts.”

honestly, i wish i could have met her. she seems like such an amazing person, and after reading about the incident of her death for nearly four years i can only imagine how wonderful she was. this article in particular sparked my interest:


i think it says so much about eve’s character and her relationship with Christ that she wanted to pray with her captors. her whole story really puts things in perspective for me — even though she was in a time of ultimate fear and despair, she still relied on Jesus.

i’m reminded of james 5:13 when i think about her wanting to pray with the men who kidnapped her — “is any one of you in trouble? he should pray.” i can only imagine that she was praying as hard as ever that night, but friends, our prayers do not fall upon deaf ears! as hard as it is, we need to understand that the answers to our prayers are not what we always want them to be. God is in control; He knows what He’s doing.

it kind of takes me back to jason’s accident almost five years ago now. he was a wonderful person who loved the Lord and his life was taken from him for no good reason known to man. even though jason passed away, he and his story were able to save so many people.

despite the great amount of sadness that this brings, eve has not been forgotten, and neither has her faith.

i definitely look forward to meeting her in heaven.


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