wait, it’s christmas eve?

i have to admit, when christmastime rolls around, i’m usually the first person raring and ready to go with all things christmas: lights, movies, baking, bad sweaters — all of it.

as much as i hate to say it, this year has been a struggle for me when it comes to getting into the christmas spirit.

i’m not sure if it’s been the unseasonably warm weather here in north carolina or what, but i know it just doesn’t quite feel like christmas for me yet (and christmas is tomorrow!).

my family isn’t big on taking pictures (well, my brother hates having pictures taken of him and my mom never likes having her picture taken but always complains about wanting more family pictures), but i’m suuuch a huge fan of pictures! i am always wanting to document everything, so when i’m the only person wanting to photograph things during the holidays, it doesn’t make it as fun.

to top it all off, i still haven’t wrapped my presents (oops?!) — please don’t judge! i’ve been putting off wrapping presents for the last few days and here i am at almost 10pm on christmas eve with a bag full of presents that still need wrapping! i promise i’ll hop on those right away since now i’ve finished my hot chocolate…

i’m hoping christmas music and “it’s a wonderful life” help get me in the mood for christmas!


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