nye stands for new year’s eve — did everyone else know that except for me? gosh, i’m so behind the times.

well friends, it’s almost that time of year. time to make resolutions and drink champagne and count backwards from ten: it’s time for a new year.

i really like new year’s, actually. i love the concept of starting over. i know you don’t necessarily have to wait to make resolutions or to start new with something in your life, but i just love how a new year is a literal new beginning.

this new beginning always tends to make me a bit nostalgic, but in a good way. every year around this time, i go through my old yearbooks, old pictures, old notebooks — it’s actually really cool to see where i was compared to where i am now. i actually have these memory boxes legitimately full of notes that were passed in middle school and even HIGH SCHOOL (yes friends, i still passed notes in high school)! there are also just pieces of memories i’ve collected along my way that are really neat to look at (who would have known how many memories a wristband from a conference in high school would bring back?!). there’s something so special about the contents of those boxes and those books for me — it truly shows me that i’m progressing in who i am as a person. i’m not the same person that i was in middle or high school and my desires aren’t the same and there are absolutely crucial parts of my being that have changed since then.

i’m growing older, learning more, becoming an adult —

scary but beautiful. i can deal with that.

let’s do this, 2012 — can’t wait to meet you!


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