steps to becoming a real person.

so far in 2012, so many wonderful things have happened. i spent the first week of 2012 growing closer to God at the passion conference in atlanta and made wonderful friends (there were 44,000 college-aged people at this conference, how could i not make at least a new friend or two?!); i also had the amazing opportunity to participate in the “do something now” campaign that raised $3.3 million to help end human trafficking around the world. pretty awesome, right?

so from the 44,000 large group, we were split up into community groups (#stripedgreen for life!) of about 5,000 people, and then from there we were split up into family groups. this group of people consisted of about half a dozen people i had never met before, coming from all over the nation and even the world. my family group was the greatest (duh) and i’ve been missing them terribly since leaving georgia! during our family time we were really able to unpack the messages and what we felt God was telling us through our time in the sessions. we prayed together and laughed together and i have this feeling that’s kind of a little piece of heaven in itself. to my sweet striped green family, i love you and miss you and can’t wait until passion 2013!

after returning from passion, i had to get back to the grind of school. when i say this, i don’t just mean taking classes at unc — when i say this, i mean i need to get back to the grind of teaching at school.

i started my full-time student teaching placement this past week in my fourth grade class at carrboro (same kids as last semester, which is so great!). i have to say, it is so much easier being a teacher when you’re at the school everyday! i have an easier time with behavior management, i have an easier time with transitions, i have an easier time with helping students — it’s just great.

sometimes i have these moments where i wonder if i’ll actually be good at this. i guess it’s natural for people to doubt things every now and again, but my second day was one of those days. i had an attitude issue with one of my kids and just couldn’t believe it (which is silly — of course those are going to happen, i just didn’t think it’d be so soon). i thought about all of the work i had to do (and the work i STILL have to do) and questioned whether or not i could do it.

this job is not for the faint of heart. that is one lesson i have learned in a mere week.

throughout all of this though, i have definitely seen triumph and experienced reassurance. it’s been so amazing getting to see progress with some of these students! watching kids jump five reading levels from august to now is just mind blowing. did i mention how awesome some of the conversations are with my students? it’s so cool being able to talk with them about things, especially since they’re starting to form their own opinions and whatnot right now.

as i go to start a new week (that is also a short week thanks to the celebration of mlk jr.’s birthday and a teacher workday the day after) i will definitely be thinking about how i’ll be doing this as my career in less than a year. i need to apply for jobs. i need to write cover letters. i need to fix my resume. i need to take my praxis and graduate and become a real person…

just maybe not exactly in that exact order.


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