the power of music.

i could spend hours of my life listening to music.

i have spent hours of my life listening to music. i currently spend hours listening to music. i don’t really know what exactly it is, honestly — i just start listening to a song and then two hours later i realize that i should have been in bed a long time ago.

i really like that there are songs for all occasions, you know? there are happy songs, sad songs, fun songs, dance songs, pensive songs, sing-along songs — do you know what i’m talking about here? examples:

  1. happy: “first date” by blink-182
  2. sad: “the scientist” by coldplay
  3. fun: “how bizarre” by omc
  4. dance: “you make me feel…” by cobra starship feat. sabi
  5. pensive: “comfortable” by john mayer
  6. sing-along: “i want it that way” by the backstreet boys

note: this is a very small sample. there are plenty of other kinds of songs out there, like the ones that are empowering, the ones that make us want to fall in love, the ones that make us want to fall out of love, etc. really, the list is endless and dependent upon the kind of music you like.

isn’t it cool how music makes you feel? it’s mood-altering. i have a good friend who is doing a psychology research project for his senior seminar about music and its affect on someone’s mood. so cool.

anyway, the reason i’m writing this is because i’ve been listening to a lot of old school music lately — by old school, i mean a compilation of a decent amount of 90s music and just a lot of music i’m currently “rediscovering” if you will (which is a completely different thing i love: rediscovering music you haven’t listened to in a long time!).

do you have songs that you could listen to ALL the time? there is most certainly a list of songs i have that i could put on, listen to, and just lie in the middle of the floor thinking about life. i could really just lie there, letting the music flow through me.

i’m a person who thinks a lot. i overanalyze over and over, but this year i haven’t really been so bad about that. i came to that realization today when talking with a friend of mine — i have been uncharacteristically calm this year. i attribute this to prayer and relying on God, but i also like to think that it’s in part because of my release through music — playing music, listening to music, writing music, experiencing music.

it’s 1:33am and i was planning on cleaning my room and going to bed about an hour or two ago. instead, here i sit listening to the beauty that is john mayer and an acoustic guitar (the village sessions album found courtesy of graham dixon, who i believe shares my above thoughts).

and no, my room still isn’t clean.


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