i love my job.

but really, i do.

today was such a fulfilling day — not only has a lot of planning gotten done (we’re ahead and it’s amazing), but i can really feel my relationships with the kids getting stronger everyday (yeah i don’t even care if that sounds lame). i truly feel as though just being there everyday has brought me closer to each kid in my classes.

these developing relationships present both pros and cons: for example, it’s awesome seeing the progress of some of these kids. i don’t know one person who would tell me that jumping six reading levels in a SEMESTER isn’t fantastic progress. i mean seriously, that absolutely blows my mind and i love seeing my kids succeed! on the other hand, you really start getting a better look into the lives of some of these kids, and it can be heartbreaking to watch. i wish so badly that i could take one of my kids home because i know he just needs some love. y’all, divorce seriously hurts kids. i’m fortunate enough to have parents who are together so i’ve never been very familiar with single parent households or broken families in that regard, and watching how some of my kids are affected is just so sad.

these kids (well, all kids, really) need hugs. and snacks. and consistency.

today we actually had a new girl join our class! no one knew she was coming, so both students and teachers had a bit of a shock this morning. this little girl (and my goodness is she little!) came straight from ecuador and speaks NO english. none. literally, none. so what does my teacher do? she has me translate some stuff from spanish to english for her and act as a mini-translator for a bit today.

at first i thought there was no way i could do any of that — i’m not fluent! despite this, i somehow was able to manage to assign her homework, explain her homework, and chat with her a bit about school.

if you can’t tell, i already am crazy about this child.

we’re basically teaching her english from square one — hello, goodbye, can i go to the bathroom, stuff like that (you know, the important stuff). i’m really excited to watch a student go from knowing no english to (hopefully!) knowing enough to have a conversation at the end of may. she seems pretty sharp, so i can’t wait to see how she does with the rest of the kids. i actually think i am going to track her progress throughout the semester for one of my education assignments (we have to track a student or two and see if our teaching has a positive effect on their learning — should be pretty cool so long as my teaching does have that positive effect!) and see how she does these next few months. so pumped to be getting a taste of esl teaching right now!

basically what i’m trying to say through all of this is that i love my kids. yes, they are mine. no, i will not share. yes, i will show them off. no, they are not perfect.

but oh, they are so incredibly wonderful.


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