things that are coming:

so sorry for the temporary hiatus. i’ve really realized how much i need to write things out for my mind to stay clear! here’s what you’ll be updated on this weekend (in no particular order):

1. student teaching

2. dance marathon 2012

3. summer/future plans


quick update:

I PASSED MY PRAXIS TEST! this means i get to be a licensed teacher in the state of north carolina! so glad to have that out of my way so i won’t have to worry about it anymore. i’m looking into taking the esl praxis test so i can be certified to teach english as a second language (i mean, why not tag another certification on there while my mind is still fresh?!). i definitely want to try to get another certification, specifically one that involves spanish, so we’ll see what i end up doing.

note: this is such an exciting time in my life. so thankful and incredibly blessed to be experiencing all that i am! thank you, Jesus!


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