what it’s like to be full-time.

well friends, i am currently in my fifth week of full-time student teaching. what does that mean? well, that means i’ve been planning math and science lessons for two classes of fourth graders and reading lessons for a class of fifth graders since the first week of february. wild, isn’t it?

i honestly can’t believe it’s almost over — i technically only have about 2 weeks left of full-time student teaching!(?!) i know people say stuff like that, about how fast the time goes, but it has seriously flown by without me even fully realizing it. one minute i’m staring at a siop lesson plan template with no idea what to do, and now here i am cranking out a few lesson plans an hour.

i’m not gonna lie, it isn’t easy. staying at school until 6:30pm isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do most nights, but in the end i know it’s worth it. i think about how long i spend planning lessons sometimes and then think about how the lessons will actually go; then, once the lessons are taught i get to look back and see if things went as planned, and it is SO cool knowing that i spend my time helping kids LEARN.

example: tomorrow we’re starting to talk about magnetism in science. there are bags of various items for the kids to explore with magnets (basically they’re figuring out on their own which items in the bag are magnetic and which ones are not) and they’re going to write their observations in their science journals, just like little scientists. i can’t help but wonder if they’ll enjoy the activity and if they’ll actually get something out of it. i will try to update tomorrow with my end result.

anyway, teaching rocks — that’s what this all kind of boils down to, really. i can honestly say that i love all of my kids to death, i love going to school everyday, and i love teaching them about fractions and magnets and electricity and division and everything else in between.

i really wish that i didn’t have such a limited time left with my kids. i feel like april 25th is going to come before i know it and it’ll be my last day with them — how i’m supposed to deal with that, i don’t really know yet. i guess that’s one of those bridges you kind of have to cross whenever you get there.

i also really wish i could pinpoint what exactly it is that has made all of this so great — i don’t know if it’s the kids or my cooperating teacher or my school or the new friends i’ve made along the way or even if it’s all of the above, but i think part of it is that i know i’m doing what i’m passionate about. there’s nothing in the world i’d rather do than spend my days watching kids engage in their learning. do you know how amazing it is to be a facilitator to that learning?! ahh, it’s the best feeling in the world.

in. the. world.



One thought on “what it’s like to be full-time.

  1. Allison, I’m so inspired by the genuine joy for your classroom and your fascination/love for teaching. I love hearing about people who are achieving and loving life.

    I’m glad you wrote this!

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