nights like this.

it’s saturday night and i’m sitting in a clean room with an open window, listening to john legend and the roots, and doing some casual studying for my esl praxis test next weekend.

yes, i’m not out on a saturday night. i wasn’t out last saturday night, either…and i’m okay with that.

now don’t get me wrong, i love going out with my friends and dancing and having a good time (i can’t deny that i really enjoy getting dressed up), but nights like this one i’m having tonight are just so relaxing and wonderful.

i really treasure nights like this. i really get to think about things when i’m relaxed and not worrying about crowded bars and annoying drunk people. as of late, i’ve been thinking a lot about graduation. in only a couple more weeks, i will no longer be an undergraduate at unc. i’m terrified and thrilled and a million other things all at once!

it’s really humbling when you realize that things are not infinite. this time we have doesn’t go on for forever, and it’s important to make the most of every opportunity we have here now.

personally, i plan on making the most of my opportunities by going to the taping of late night with jimmy fallon here at unc on tuesday with president obama and the dave matthews band.


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