the final step.

i’m sitting in my nearly empty room and all of a sudden just burst into tears. it’s finally hit me, folks: i’m graduating tomorrow.

tomorrow at 1:30pm, i will graduate from unc’s school of education. just like everyone else, i can hardly believe my time has come to walk across the stage in my carolina blue cap and gown. i think back on how hard i worked to finish my four years here and how extremely wonderful those years were. i took lots of interesting classes (some not so interesting…cough, poli100, cough), met so many phenomenal people, and learned more about who i am than i ever thought was possible.

i feel a lot of things right now, which i hear is normal. i’m happy and i’m sad and i’m a little bit proud of myself, too. i’m scared and i’m excited and i’m trusting that things will fall into place per God’s will.

i’ve been strangely calm about this whole graduation thing all this year up until the last couple of days — it’s really sinking in, the reality of it all. here’s to hoping my waterproof mascara holds up to the weekend of graduations on my horizon.


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