things we take for granted.

time is something that is so incredibly precious, yet it is also something that is so incredibly squandered.

this concept is one that i’ve thought about recently, mostly because i just graduated from the greatest university in the world (no exaggeration there, i promise), but it’s re-entered my mind because of a family friend passing today in a car accident.

we never know how much time we have with the people we love. it amazes me that things can change so quickly without us having any warning. i feel so blessed to have my grandparents in my life and that they were able to come to my college graduation. my heart hurts for people i know and love who don’t have that luxury with their family members.

i wish i could be more eloquent in this moment, but all i can think about is how important it is to tell people you love them. when a friend of mine passed away a few years ago, i thought about the last conversation he had with his mom. the conversation ended with “i love you.” i think about that sometimes and reflect on the conversations i have with my loved ones. do i end my conversations with words of love and affection? if i’m upset or arguing with someone, how do those conversations end? i hate to say it, but they usually don’t end with an “i love you.”

when we lose someone we care about, it’s like our eyes are opened for the first time and we realize that we, and our relationships, are finite. we are not guaranteed tomorrow, or even the next hour.

don’t waste your time with the people you love. express your gratitude for them. hug them. say “i love you” a million times over.

make the most of every opportunity you’re given, friends.


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