crunch time.

friends, the time has come: i need to put on my big girl pants and make some real life decisions.

i think one of the most important, life-changing decision i’ve had to make has been deciding where to go to college. that was huge! well, college is over and now i need to make even more important, life-changing decisions such as where i will teach and where i will live.

here’s the skinny: i want to stay in the chapel hill/durham area. i love it there and couldn’t really imagine myself anywhere else. besides, if i want to change anything in education, i feel as though it’s best for me to stay in such a progressive area that is up-to-date on all of the latest pieces of information that relate to education. fortunately, this makes part of my decisions much simpler — location is set!

now, about where i want to teach. chapel hill and durham are two very different school districts, and i think i could thrive in either environment. i’m asking myself what’s most important to me when looking for a school and what my personal teaching goals are for my first year of teaching. what do i want to do with my kids? how do i want to do it? which school/district will help me achieve these goals?

seriously, it’s like i’m playing twenty questions with myself.

regardless, i feel these questions give me a harder time when trying to come to an end result. would i rather teach in a dual language setting or one that is traditional? what demographic am i looking to reach? would i prefer lower-grades (k-2) or upper-grades (3-5)?

see, there i go again with the questions!

then, aside from that, i get to think about where i’m going to live. am i going to have a roommate? how am i going to find said roommate? should i live alone? how will i afford living alone? where is the most affordable housing?

…so. many. questions.

honestly, i’m really just concerned with making the right choice. what a funny phrase — the “right” choice. despite my hatred for all of the questions i’ve been asking myself, there is one that seems very prevalent: what makes the right choice the right choice?

i’m beyond blessed to even have this problem of having an internal monologue interrogation session. i’m so grateful that i even have options right now. i’m confident that i will be happy with whatever choice i make, but i also want to be sure to make the most of this time and choose what will ultimately allow me to serve as a light in the north carolina public school system.


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