things we can learn from children.

there are a lot of reasons why i want to be a teacher — i love kids, i want to help people, i believe education is important, the list can go on. to be completely honest though, one of the reasons i’m looking forward to teaching is because of all the things i know i’ll learn from my students.

children fascinate me. they are so genuine and inquisitive, and i love that about them! i know the inquisitive part isn’t everyone’s favorite facet of small children, but i really do love it. sometimes i’ll have conversations with kids and they’ll ask me a question i’ve never even thought about, and to me, that rocks.

there’s definitely something to be said about the characteristics that kids possess — there’s just so much to learn from them.

tonight i was at a friend’s house and his little  brothers just graduated preschool today (!!!). we were watching their preschool videos that were filled with pictures and video from throughout the year, and there was one part where the teachers were asking each child different questions. in one of the videos, one little brother’s favorite thing he learned in preschool was spanish. spanish! this child is 5 and he is learning spanish, and if you know me, you know how much i love that. in the other brother’s video, he told the camera that he is going to be the president one day. he doesn’t want to be the president, he WILL be the president. i’m so inspired by their zeal and i couldn’t be more excited now to teach a class full of students like that (even though i know all students won’t be like this, please let a girl dream).

one of those sweet little brothers has gotten into a habit of saying every day that “today is the best day.”

i. love. that.

what a beautiful reminder of how wonderful today is and how thankful we should be for it! when this child becomes president, the world will be a happier place.

i just think there is such a pure beauty in simplicity and i really think kids get it. this simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean that these thoughts are basic, mind you, but rather that they are logical solutions to complex problems we may have that can be ever so simply solved without overthinking it all. does that make sense?

kids are bold. they’re genuine. they’re unfiltered. they’re excited. what transpires from that age of innocence to adulthood? i suppose my best guess is that we become more aware of the world, but why should that keep us from being bold or excited about our lives?

this is just one reason why i want to teach elementary schoolers. they’re excited — they might not always be excited about what we’re doing in school at the moment, but i will certainly find ways to wrangle their minds back to the classroom.

summary: kids say the darndest things, sometimes the simplest things make all the difference in life, and there’s so much we can learn from children.


One thought on “things we can learn from children.

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