the dirty d.

i’ve lived in chapel hill long enough to know that durham has a reputation.

aside from the fact that durham is home to that college whose school color is that “other” shade of blue, it is the same city where i go to church and where i enjoy spending an evening downtown. it is also the same city where i will call home starting next week, and where i will be teaching third grade.

whenever i tell people that i’m moving to durham or that i’ll be teaching in durham, i usually get a face that looks like this:

they don’t call it the “dirty d” for nothin’, you know.

i wouldn’t wanna teach there…better you than me!

that’s kind of a rough area, isn’t it?

well world, here’s the deal.

i love durham. i’m sorry you wouldn’t want to teach there, but fortunately, i do. those kids need me and i know i’ll need them, too. it can be kind of a rough area, but i accept the challenge because every child deserves the best education possible.

i’m not teaching because it’s easy, i’m teaching because i realize the importance of a good education. i want my students to see how important it is to love learning. kids need to know that knowledge is their strongest weapon against negativity in the world.

let’s face it, education is a game changer. when you have good teachers, you’re more inclined to do well. if a teacher is caring, spends extra time helping you understand a concept, and is encouraging, you’re probably going to be alright. the problem is, there aren’t tons of teachers like that in “rougher areas.”

i don’t think i’m God’s gift to the public education system, but i do think God’s given me a gift to reach kids, and that’s what i plan on doing starting this fall.

“education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-nelson mandela


One thought on “the dirty d.

  1. First of all… love the Kristen Wiig picture. Priceless.

    Secondly… you’re doing what you know is right for you and for all those kids who are going to benefit from having such an energetic, talented teacher. Third grade was my favorite year in elementary school because I had a teacher who made learning come alive for me. Don’t second-guess yourself for a second.

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