Teacher Talks.

Do you ever have moments when you’re talking to someone and you just think, Wow, this is the greatest conversation ever, I wish we could talk forever!

I have moments like those — every time I talk to a teacher.

Personally, I like to call these conversations with my colleagues “teacher talks” (this is frequently hashtagged as well). I love my teacher talks with experienced teachers, new teachers, want-to-be teachers, ex-teachers, teachers of teachers, all sorts of teachers. I think each teacher has such a special insight to the profession based on his/her experience, and it’s something we all as teachers (especially newbies like myself!) can learn from, and how can you say no to a little positive reinforcement and recharging of your batteries?

I recently met another member of my 3rd grade team at Parkwood. We met just yesterday and attended a workshop about teaching visual literacy at the North Carolina Museum of Art. We got together again today over coffee to continue conversation about planning and various ideas and previous experiences.

The last two days have been two of the most enriching days of my post-graduate career as a teacher. I presented my ideas to someone who supports those ideas, and I have collaborated and made plans and shared resources! I know I’m not technically ready to start the school year (I haven’t even seen my classroom yet!), but mentally and emotionally I couldn’t be more ready. I can’t wait to implement a good behavior management system, color code my white board’s objectives (and everything else imaginable), work with a strong grade level team, and ultimately be an advocate for my kids.

Do you see how exciting this is? To have someone on the same page as you, especially when it concerns the lives of children!?

I get to have another teacher talk on Saturday with my friend who teaches 5th grade who is also in Durham. We’ll talk about life and my new apartment and her engagement/wedding planning, but we will ALWAYS come back to our kids and new teaching techniques and resources.

I really love that — always coming back to the kids. It tells me that there is a deep passion for children and their education when I talk to a teacher and we can’t avoid the topic.

Needless to say I am looking forward to the countless numbers of teacher talks I have left in me for this summer alone. Hey teacher friends, let me know when you’re free and we’ll have a nice, long, enlightening teacher talk!


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