My friends, today was magical: I got my classroom.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for years now. Seriously, years. I’ve spent so much time dreaming about what my first classroom would be like.

My situation is a bit different — the classroom where I am right now will only be my classroom until the end of September/beginning of October. The school is currently under renovations, so teachers are having to do a lot of moving around to accommodate the construction. A mere five weeks after school starts, I will go from a classroom with stripped linoleum floors and a Promethean board that I’m not sure works to a brand new classroom with a Bright Link (all the rage nowadays apparently) and brand new furniture. The principal even mentioned bringing the furniture catalog by the third grade rooms so we could pick out our own furniture.

Is this real life?!

Even though I’ll be switching rooms after school starts and spending most of my time in the snazzy new Building B, my current room is technically my very first classroom that I have all to myself.


I prefer to refer to the room as “A-two-eight” rather than “A-twenty-eight” — it just has a nicer ring to it, you know? Anyway, that’s what I’m calling it and that’s the place where I will first see the faces of my sweet third graders on August 27.

Isn’t that INCREDIBLE? I meet my 20 or so kiddos in a little over a month. This means that I have a lot of work to do to get this older classroom kid-ready.

Today when I was introduced to A28, I turned on the light and grabbed a chair from one of the stacks in the back of the room. I placed the chair in the middle of the classroom and just sat, uninterrupted, for about ten minutes. I looked around, soaked it up, and took it all in — this is mine.

Sitting there, my thoughts ran a million miles a minute.

How am I going to set everything up? What can I put on all these bulletin boards? Where are the kids going to hang their backpacks? In which corner should I set up the classroom library? We are going to have so many valuable learning experiences in this room together.

Honestly, to the core of my being, as I was thinking about all of these fabulous things, I started to cry. I felt tears of such a pure joy well up in my eyes as I thought about how incredibly grateful I am for the students I will have and the things we will learn throughout the year — I already adore these kids and I don’t even know their names! It is such a privilege to have this opportunity to work with these students in Durham, and I am overwhelmed with such joy and thanks for being where I am.

I want to give these kids the world — really, I do. I want to instill in each of them a love of learning and just some kind of passion that’s going to take them somewhere they’ve always wanted to go.

Without question, the best vehicle for this adventure is going to be A28.


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