Ten Days.

In ten days, I embark on the wondrous adventure that is my first year of teaching. I’ve just finished three long days of New Teacher Orientation and start full on workdays on Monday.

It’s getting really real, y’all.

I’ve spent weeks in my classroom trying my hardest to make it as perfect as possible. Even though it’s a little rough around the edges with the school’s ongoing renovations, I still think it’s just a beautiful place for learning. Hopefully my kids will think so, too!

Waiting for my roster has been the absolute worst. I want to put names on the little construction paper Carolina basketball jerseys I made for my door — we’re a team and I want them to remember that.

After orientation today, a good friend of mine offered to help me out with any classroom stuff. I mostly have planning to do at this point, but I was able to come up with some classroom funtivities for us to do today. After we divided my whiteboard with blue tape and finished the aforementioned jerseys, I had a bit of a hard time leaving. I turned off the lights and lingered in the doorway.

“Do you want to come out and go back in again?”

It wasn’t about leaving and coming back into the room for me — it’s the fact that I meet my kids on THURSDAY. Six days. Less than a week. Almost countable on one hand.

This is huge.

I just stood there thinking about how great this all was, and how much better it’s going to be once I have third graders in those desks and on that carpet. I love them so much already that I can feel it in my stomach. My heart is thrilled to spend 180 days with these children.

I know I still have planning to finish and confusing district paperwork to take care of, but the only thing on my mind is these kids. I want to know what they’re going to be like and who they are as individuals and what they want to learn. I really want to teach them things they want to learn, you know? Not every kid is a math person, but finding the percentage of free throws your favorite basketball team (North Carolina Tarheels, cough cough) makes is math. Not every kid likes writing, but you don’t always have to use the standard and often boring “five paragraph essay” format.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? I want to know everything about these kids and I want to make sure the education they get this year meets every need they have. It’s my job as their teacher to show them how empowering it is to learn.

Team A28 is going to blow my mind. I can feel it.


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