Seven Days.

In a week from this very moment, I will be face-planted on my couch (or probably in my bed), reveling in the fact that I have finished my very first day of teaching.

Today was my first workday and it was a long day. There were meetings and acronyms and planning — needless to say, by the time I finally got out of school my head was spinning with a headache and that feeling you get when you’ve had superfluous amounts of information crammed in it. Truly, it was a good, productive day.

Tomorrow is an even bigger day for me — I create my classroom website, find out who my mentor is, AND (drum roll please) I get my roster.

I get my roster.

I get to put names to the desks in A28. Do you see how real this is getting? I have NAMES of REAL CHILDREN, and I am entrusted with these children so that I can TEACH them things. Isn’t that amazing?

We planned out what our third grade literacy block will look like this year and it was really exciting for me. I really love teaching literacy and working on writing in particular (says the blog nerd of over five years and counting), so it felt good to solidify what that time in our day would look like. Planning and outlining schedules is coming together and that makes me feel more confident in the year coming up.

Despite my sheer exhaustion, I’m just so excited about everything. I’m not stressed, I’m a little nervous (I get more nervous by the day), and I have an overwhelming feeling of joy. I’m hoping that’s how it’s supposed to be.


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