OPEN HOUSE (and Four Days).

I’m not really a nervous person, but tonight I was shaking while putting finishing touches on everything in my room.

I met my kids and their families tonight.

Open House happened and needless to say, I survived. The rush of families at the beginning was slightly overwhelming — I kind of had a hard time figuring out where exactly I needed to be in the room and who I needed to talk to and how long I needed to talk to that person and so on and so forth. I was definitely overstimulated, which kind of stressed me out, but I’m pleased to say that my excitement was at the top of my list of emotions (and that list was LONG).

My kids are so neat, I’m just in love with them even more than I was when I got my class list yesterday. It was so amazing just talking with them — hearing their little soon-to-be-third-grade voices telling me about what they’re most looking forward to this upcoming year.

I also have a lot of new kids, whether that be new to the area or just new to the school, which I’m pumped about. I think that will be motivation for me to create an even stronger classroom community than what I wanted before (and I was planning on doing a LOT of community building goodness). I really like learning more about my kids and finding things we have in common — I feel like that just makes everything so much more special. It was fun telling some of the kids that I was new as well and that we could learn all about the school and third grade together. I really like togetherness.

I wrote letters to all of my kids and they were on their desks when they came in with their families. One little boy opened his letter and was standing next to his mom while she was filling out paperwork. He called me over and this happened:

AAE: You like to cook!?

Me: Yes, I do! Do youuu like to cook, too?!

AAE: Well, not really…I don’t really cook. But my mom does!

Me: Oh, do you like to help her?

AAE: Yeah…

Me: …or do you just like to eat what mom cooks?

AAE: Yeah, I really like that.

To most of you, this conversation I had with this boy probably makes little sense and you might find it kind of pointless, but I just love it. It was one of my favorite conversations of the whole evening. The interactions I had with this child and many others was just fabulous.

One little boy misspelled his name on his name card, so his dad made it for him. This same kid also wanted me to draw a HORSE on the white board. I appeased his request only after he said that he would draw a horse, too. I also gave him ample warning that I am NOT good at drawing, and he confessed that he wasn’t good either, but we both gave it a shot. I just felt like we totally bonded in that moment over our ridiculous-looking horses.

One of the little girls who is new was kind of quiet when I was talking to her, but I was able to get out of her that she really likes to learn about science. This is great in my mind because (a) she was the only student I had who said that science was their favorite and (b) I’m obsessed with science curriculum in third grade. The desk with her papers on it was right next to the science book display, so I got to show her that and tell her that we’re learning about OUTER SPACE first. Her eyes just lit up.

This child also gave me a hug when she left and I may or may not have almost cried (slightly hyperbolic but I was still just thrilled to receive a hug after talking with this precious girl for like ten minutes).

I keep thinking about all of my kids and how everything went tonight and it just makes me giddy. After I got back from school, I Skyped with my friend Tim and we had a little teacher talk (which was awesome) and some advice he had for me was to always greet my kids when they’re coming into class. He said his kids would have to “give him a H” — a hug, a high five, a handshake, or a “hi.” How cool is that?! I’m totally going to use that when my kids come in starting Monday. I like giving kids choices and I think those Hs are all lovely ways to greet someone, and I can’t wait to start greeting my kids on a regular basis.

I start greeting them on a regular basis in FOUR DAYS. Seeing their little bodies fill the desks and the carpet was so thrilling for me. I can’t wait to start learning with them in A28!


4 thoughts on “OPEN HOUSE (and Four Days).

  1. So cool! I’m studying to be an Elementary Teacher, and my love is third grade! This was so spectacular to read. Without exaggeration, I have tears welling in my eyes. I just adore the process of learning and the progress of the student’s education throughout the year! Being an educator is such a special gift. Keep writing 🙂


    • That is so excellent! Where are you doing your Elementary Ed program? Here I am at midnight the night before school starts because I’m so excited about third grade…it’s going to be so fun! It’s such a great year to see true growth and independence within those kids. Have you done any student teaching yet?

      If you have any questions feel free to let me know! I love teacher talks!


      • Allison, thank you so much! I am so excited for you and to hear about your miraculous journey! So fun! I am studying at Kent State in Ohio. Where did you go? I am working at a Preschool and Kindergarten this year, and today is my very first day. I am so nervous. There is so much to remember, but I know it will be all worth it! How was your first day?


      • Kent State! I have a bunch of family in Ohio and will be up that way for Thanksgiving in a few months! I spent a semester in a Spanish dual language kindergarten classroom — what an experience! Those little ones are so incredibly precious! How was your first day? I bet you were great! No need to be nervous, just need to be yourself and the kids will come to love you so quickly. I always have to make a list of everything I need to not forget to tell my kids — I literally have a word document of “Rules/Procedures/Routines: MUST TELL KIDS” on my laptop. haha My first day was SO GREAT! I am getting ready to blog about it…! haha

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