Contemplating a Name Change (THREE DAYS?!).

Today I met with the ESL teacher to discuss my English Language Learner (ELL) group of students. She was telling me that she ran into one of my kids last night at Open House and asked him who he had for third grade this year.


Confused, the ESL teacher asked him if he meant Miss Stewart.

“No, my teacher’s name is Miss Sweetheart.”

Do you think he’ll still call me Miss Sweetheart when Valentine’s Day rolls around? That could be cool considering Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday in all of elementary school history…

If I don’t die of cuteness, I might just roll with it. It’s things like this that I know I’ll need to think about when things get harder and more tiring (which I know is possible, but I don’t think I know that yet — if that makes any sense).

PS. This may have been the fastest week ever. MONDAY IS THE DAY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL THESE YEARS.


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