Another Day Under the Belt.

I can’t believe the second day is already over — how did all this happen so quickly?

Today was another good day, but I have to say there were parts that were easier and parts that were harder. It was easier since I knew more about our timing and what recess and lunch looked like. It was harder since there were a few more behavior issues, mostly just talking while others and the teacher were talking, and those needed to be addressed. I had to use my serious teacher voice today when I 3-2-1-Freezed the kids, and some of them had this look on their face like “Oh my gosh I didn’t know Miss Stewart could talk like that…” (which I think was effective). We had to talk about how important it is to show respect to others — I’m hoping our conversation and making them sit in silence for a little bit helps with our talking problem (well, I just don’t want it to become a problem in the future) tomorrow.

Lunch today was amusing per usual (I say this like I’ve been eating lunch with these kids all my life). I was asked if I was married and I answered no (duh), and then one of my students proceeded to inform me that I would be PERFECT for his dad’s girlfriend’s son who is 23.

An eight-year-old is trying to match make me. What is my life?

One of my favorite academic things that happened today was two girls coming up to me asking if they can read together. I think literacy things just really make my heart happy. It thrills me to watch them read books and enjoy learning. It’s such a great feeling.

We brainstormed some class rule ideas today, too. My favorite one says, “Do good for God.”

I had some good moments today, but I think one of the best (and by best I mean hilarious and brinking on inappropriate) quotes came from AV. The school resource officer stopped by our room today and introduced himself and talked about respect and leadership. He mentioned that leaders respect everyone and followers end up in jail (that was at least the gist that I got this morning). The final comment made was this: “You know, I think followers are communists. I don’t mean to bring that up, but, I think that’s true.”

Kids really do say the darndest things — looking forward to more quotes and stories as the year progresses!


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