A Year of Exciting Uncertainty.

Last night I was fortunate enough to spend my last hours of 2012 with some lovely people. As the clock struck midnight and we continued on with our laughter and pleasant conversation into a new year, I had to stop and think: 2013 — what will you bring?

I feel like last year, as I welcomed 2012, I felt very excited — it felt right saying 2012. I knew I would graduate and (hopefully) find a job, and I kind of knew what to expect from it. This year, however, is very different.

I have no real expectations for 2013. I mean, I have things that I’d like to see happen, but there is a vast amount of uncertainty that it holds. Saying that it’s the year 2013 doesn’t quite sound right to me yet, and though I’m sure it will grow on me, I still have many questions for the upcoming year.

Despite the uncertainty, I think there is something very thrilling about it all. Though it was nice knowing what 2012 would bring me, I kind of like not knowing what 2013 has in store. The anticipation of exciting happenings of this new year are actually rather beautiful the more I contemplate them. Honestly, I think not knowing what all to expect from 2013 will make its events all the greater!

Everyone loves a good surprise, right? So here’s to you, 2013 — you’ve got big shoes to fill from last year, but I have faith that you will exceed my fledgling expectations!


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