Operation: Back on the Blog.

As I sit on my stripped bed listening to this song with the lulling dryer in the background, I can’t help but realize it’s so nice to be doing this on a Thursday evening.

I’m not planning, I’m in my pajamas, and yet I’m still being productive. I’m doing something I’ve been trying to do for a long time, and that’s write.

It’s been almost three months since my last post, and I’ve tried to write posts on at least three occasions since that first week of January, but every time I tried to write something it didn’t feel right.

I sit on my stripped bed and y’all, I am tired. It’s been a solid eight straight weeks of teaching with no breaks, no delayed openings, and no teacher workdays. North Carolina experienced FAR too many snow days for its own good this year, so our spare days outside of spring break have been taken away — which is ridiculous, since SB187 explicitly states that the days do not need to be made up — but I digress.

Tomorrow is the last day before spring break, and I am absolutely thrilled to slow down and take a break. I don’t have many set plans, but I do know this: I WILL take it easy. I really feel like I need to recharge my battery after these last few weeks.

Despite my tiredness, the last few weeks have been pretty great. We wrapped up our fiction unit on following characters into meaning and we started a biography unit. Now, I was skeptical about this biography unit because if we’re being honest here, biographies are DRY for eight-year-olds. My goal was to get the kids excited about reading narrative nonfiction and prepare them to start working on their wax museum research projects after spring break in their writing project block. We’ve wrapped up the biography unit and I can truly say that it was incredibly fun teaching kids about biographies. I think I had so much fun with it because I realized how interesting it is for me to learn about people, famous or not, and it was so great sharing that with all my kids. I even got to teach a little history here and there, and y’all KNOW I used that old school pull down map that’s mounted above my whiteboard on more than one occasion.

It’s so rewarding to watch your kids light up when they learn something; I can’t wait to see what they come up with after spring break for their biographies and speeches as their respective subjects!

I’m also looking forward to post-spring break because I will have the opportunity to do two great things: (1) start my poetry/drama unit and (2) teach science.

Tomorrow I’m actually looking forward to curriculum planning for the first time in a long time, and that’s because I’ll get to sit and flesh out what my poetry/drama unit will look like. I’ve been in contact with some incredible members of the community, trying to get proponents of spoken word and theater into my classroom so kids can see the real world application. I’m thrilled to collaborate with these people and I’m so grateful for their willingness to share their passions with my kids! Poetry and drama is something I have a very personal connection with, as I took poetry writing classes at UNC and have participated in drama throughout a large portion of my life. It’s going to be so fun showing the kids a different side of me in these next few weeks! I’m planning on doing a kind of slam poetry night event, so stay tuned for more details on that as they materialize.

I realized part of the reason for my blogging hiatus was just being tired and feeling like I didn’t have time to share my thoughts. I started blogs about middle of year testing, student progress, and professional development. Hopefully I will find some strength to at least finish one of those in the near future.

Here’s to making life a little less stressful and more restful with the power of written expression!


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